Capoeira Camboatá Team working on the implementation at Nashville/Tennessee EUA

Mauricio Ritter (Instructor Farrapo) started training capoeira in 1998 with professor Tatau in master Tucano’s Nação capoeira team. After the creation of the Camboatá capoeira team, he began to train directly with master Tucano. He seeks through his projects to help propagate the practice of capoeira in the world and to help students develop their social, cultural, and sportive areas. Since 2006, in addition to teaching classes for adults, he has been teaching classes in schools to children from the age of two to sixteen.  In 2016, Mauricio moved to the United States, and since then he has been working on the implementation of the capoeira Camboata team in the Nashville area of Tennessee.


“The first objective of the Capoeira Camboatá team is to help people realize their value” – Mestre Tucano




1229B Springfield HWY

37072 Goodlettsville TN

+1(615) 473 3905


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